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Yoga Retreat

A new year, and another host of retreats for you, coming from some of the most beautiful locations in and around Co. Fermanagh.

Our next retreat is on Saturday 29th April. 
This retreat will celebrate Bealtaine, an ancient Celtic fire festival that marks the arrival of summer and the promise of fertility for the coming year- which both sound like a very good reason to celebrate!

Yoga & Nature Retreat Update

Saturday 29th April


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Bealtaine 2023

Saturday 29th April, 2023

Location: Corralea Activity Centre, Corralea

What's included?

- start your morning with some warming yoga with Shauna
- move on to learn about the depth of the mythology of the day with Amy
- join Clare to discover more about the ecology of this time of year and what we can expect to happen as the days start to warm up
- take an (optional!) cold water dip into the beautiful Lough Mac Nean 
- and finish the day with some fun as we make our own pizzas together


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What is it?

Bealtaine is a Celtic festival that celebrates spring at its peak, and the coming promise of summer.

The world around us is starting to wake up from it's winter of sleep and rest. You'll notice the daffodils may be starting to say goodbye at this time, but the dandelions, primroses and everything in between is unfolding into life.
In the fields, little lambs are everywhere. And because of all of this new life, Bealtaine is also a celebration of fertility.

As with all of the celtic festivals, communities were brought together to celebrate the return of life and the beginning of a new year of growth and abundance with many customs and traditions which we are starting to see coming back, as we realise the importance of connecting ourselves with nature once more.


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Thank you for joining us!

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