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About Us


It's not all about headstands and flexibility- yoga is about learning about yourself on the mat and off it.

Shauna McMorrow

Owner & Founder of Aurora Yoga Studio NI

Covid-19 Update

With covid restrictions easing, we are moving some of our classes to in-person again!
Please check our Home page for available classes.

Aurora Logo FINAL WITH WORDS.png

About Me & About Aurora Yoga Studio NI

I have been a yogi for about ten years now, and a teacher since 2018.

I teach Hatha yoga- a slower moving type of yoga than other variants. It focuses on moving your body with your breath. We take a little more time to get into poses to make sure we are doing them right, which gives our bodies the maximum benefit of the work.
Just remember though, slower does not always equal easier!

I have worked with many yogi practitioners, from children to adults on mats, and older and stiffer adults in seated groups. Daily movement and breath work is so important to everyone’s lives and I really believe a little bit of work on each is required every day to feel good in your body.

The benefits of yoga can be felt by anyone, whether you are aiming for headstands or just to ease out sore muscles. And as you learn to stretch and strengthen your body, there is a knock on effect off the mat- a happier body helps to create a happier mind.

Life is not all about yoga though- not even for a yoga teacher!

When I’m not on the mat, I enjoy getting outside for walks and water activities, especially surfing. With lockdown restrictions and not being close enough to a beach, I have taken up cold water dips with my sister, which are exactly how they sound- cold!

I also love music and going to see bands playing- again with lockdown I’ve had to make my own music on the fiddle and guitar- but I love playing both and it’s given me more time to practice!

Aurora Logo FINAL WITH WORDS.png

Need a day to yourself?


Chill out with us for a full day

Celebrating Beltane at Corralea
Saturday 1st May & Sunday 2nd May, 2021

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